IQeon will participate in the online summit dedicated to NFT and social tokens

Open Web Community Summit 2021 – IQeon

The upcoming interactive and innovative conference on the development of non-fungible assets, social tokens and decentralized autonomous organizations – Open Web Community Summit 2021 – is of great interest to the crypto community. Many digital projects will take part, as well as IQeon.

In 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic, artists, musicians, actors and other content makers were forced to rethink their monetization strategies and community engagement. And non-fungible tokens, with which crypto enthusiasts could purchase art, as well as social assets that allow people to join communities of interest and share their work there, became an alternative to fiat donations and cash payments.

The Open Web Community Summit 2021 is dedicated to these important and popular components of the cryptocurrency landscape. On May 14 the founders and developers of well-known platforms, as well as artists and supporters of digitalization, will share their experience of interacting with NFT (non-fungible tokens), ST (social tokens) and DAO (decentralized autonomous organization), and will also discuss the prospects for virtual worlds and social tokenomics development.

IQeon will be presented by Hanna Lemiasheuskaya, project Chief Marketing Officer. According to the expert, the open summit will help to understand the value of popular assets, as well as to determine the vector for further development of the crypto world.

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