Our partners are global innovation leaders, the very best developers teams and serious financial institutions whose interests include cryptocurrency and the gaming industry.


ABA Marketing Group Inc. is a modern company that provides services in the field of collective asset management. ABA Marketing's goal is to get the maximum benefit with minimal risks. To reach the purpose we use the work of partner companies, which conduct regular analysis of business trends and possible directions for growth.

The European Fintech Alliance

The European Fintech Alliance

The European Fintech Alliance (EFA) represents companies and startups active in the European Union’s financial technology sector. EFA helps many businesses to be heard at the political level and engages in creating the new innovative legislation in Europe. Alliance’s members ranging from fintech industry leaders to young businesses. One of the main EFA’s aims, which all its members adhere to, is to help countries and businesses in shaping financial and banking solutions of the future, founded on the values of the European Union.



Fractal, headquartered in Germany, is a financial technology company with extensive expertise in global regulatory frameworks. Their product Fractal ID is a user-centric KYC/AML platform specifically built for Finance 3.0 services such as blockchain fintechs.

The company actively collaborates with regulatory agencies such as German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). Fractal's mission is to aid the transition to a more open and interoperable financial ecosystem , ensuring that the highest regulatory standards are upheld in fully compliant and secure processes, acting as a peer and trusted partner to its clients and users.

Flipside Crypto – IQeon

Flipside Crypto

Flipside Crypto is a unique service that provides accurate and up-to-date business analysis of cryptocurrency projects. The company was founded in 2017 in Boston, Massachusetts. 

A solution named FCAS takes special place – it is a comparative metric of the digital asset viability, based on the usefulness of the asset over the long run, the activity of its use, as well as the accessibility and demand for exchanging on various platforms. Project’s service is already actively used by the largest platform of the industry – CoinMarketCap.



CoinGecko cryptocurrencies catalog aims to collect all the possible data necessary for the quantitative and qualitative determination of value of any known cryptocurrency. CoinGecko is an excellent source of up-to-date information that is used by millions of users around the world. is a portal about games, developed on the blockchain technology and founder of crypto gamers community. There is a lot of useful information about various games for crypto earnings on the portal. Also, organizes various activities and giveaways, which help to start-up crypto players to figure out in the world of blockchain games.

Blockfolio – IQeon


Blockfolio is a company that creates solutions for tracking and managing a portfolio of cryptocurrencies using mobile devices. One of the main tools of the project is Blockfolio Signal application, which allows more than 5 million users to manage 8,000 digital assets from one platform, receive up-to-date exchange rate information, a detailed analysis of the digital assets market and crypto project news directly from the development teams.

Castle Crypto – IQeon

Castle Crypto

Castle Crypto is an information portal that publishes independent reviews of blockchain games, technology innovations, as well as the latest news from digital asset industry. The resource team regularly releases interactive podcasts that highlight the development of the cryptocurrency and gaming spheres and their positive interplay. The community of enthusiasts also actively promotes high-quality blockchain products in the gaming space, bringing together developers and crypto players.

Blockchain Game Alliance

The Blockchain Game Alliance

The Blockchain Game Alliance is an organization committed to promoting blockchain within the game industry. The goal of the BGA is to spread awareness about blockchain technologies and encourage adoption by highlighting their potential to foster new ways to create, publish, play, and build strong communities around games. The BGA also provides an open forum for individuals and companies to share knowledge and collaborate, create common standards, establish best practices, and network. Hight-tech club is the oldest news resource in Belarus for anyone interested in technology. From 1994 to 2011 it started as newspaper, and in 1997 became an online publication. The mission of the company is to give everyone the opportunity to realize their potential by applying their knowledge, skills, and experience for the common benefit of everyone.



Bounty0x is a global decentralized bounty management platform and marketplace. The ultimate goal of Bounty0x is to increase the efficiency of industries that would benefit from a decentralized workforce and bounty-oriented reward model.


Wimix LLC was founded in 2007, located in Minsk, Republic of Belarus. Company provides software development services, covering the business strategy, product design, technical development and product warranty service. Wimix is focused on mobile solutions in the areas of financial technologies and business applications.


Kakadu specializes in developing and promoting e-commerce solutions. Integration into a wide range of partners commercial-spots confirms the reliability and efficiency of the Kakadu's software. Same as IQeon - team actively introduces innovative technologies and develops new models of monetization.



Tapcore is the only solution on the market that enables mobile developers to monetize pirated copies of their apps through advertising. Established in 2015, Tapcore is a remote company with headquarters in the Netherlands, currently serving over 150 million ad requests daily.



Crypto&Gamers is a dynamically developing media portal about gaming and blockchain. The main goal of the media platform is to promote games on the blockchain and unite fans of the gaming industry. The team daily shares news from the game development sphere, exclusive reports of events, tournaments, reviews of decentralized games and much more.



CryptoGamingPool is media resource, and also the first Russian-speaking crypto gaming community. The portal’s mission is popularizing of apps using blockchain, and assistance to gamers regarding monetization of game skills. It is one of the large platforms in RU-segment. CryptoGamingPool is not only the media, it is gaming pool with network communities, playing together and investing in crypto games.


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