The main stars of the platform: we are announcing the final of the contest "Player of the Month"

"Player of the Month"

Our “Player of the Month” contest, which lasted about 10 months on the platform, is over! All this time, we have been rewarding our users for the best gaming achievements. Now it is the time to sum up the results of the contest!

We remind you that to become a participant in the competition, you had to log in to the platform, play PVP matches on the platform and show the best results! The top 3 players with the most victories within a month received a deserved reward every month!

During the entire period of the competition, 27 platform users were included in the leaderboard of the best players and were awarded bonus IQNs. The total prize fund of the competition was 162 IQN!

And now we name the brightest participants in the competition! They are:

  • User Boroda with 491 victories per month. He took first place in the April race.
  • User drik with 425 wins per month. He was the best in the May round of the competition.
  • Gatteras, who won 336 victories in a month and took the first line of the platform leaderboard in February.

We are proud of you!

Do not forget to subscribe to our official Telegram community to follow the news of the project - there are still many exciting contests ahead of you, in which you can become the winner!



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