Start of closed beta testing for developers

Start of closed beta testing for developers

Dear friends!

The first stage of closed beta testing of the IQeon platform for game developers begins today. We will check the workflow of interfaces, games integration and test all internal systems. As you already know - this is only the first stage of the platform release, what awaits us next?

All results of the tests will be processed and implemented in the form of improvements before the start of the next stage. As a result of closed beta testing for developers, we will be able to move to full-fledged testing by players. The most pressing question that interests our community is whether this next stage will be open?

Of course, for the IQeon team and for you, the most important stage will be open beta testing for gamers, but before that we would like to reward the most active members of our community and conduct a preliminary round of closed beta testing for players.

In the process of testing for developers, we will select the most active members of the community who have submitted the application on our website - those who follow each news and support the project in social media and our chat.

The closed beta period for players will not take much time and it will help us to provide users with the highest quality beta version of the platform.

Follow our news on the website and in our social media not to miss all the details of the upcoming events in the life of IQeon!



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