SchoolCup 2019 finals in CS: GO was held in Minsk

Final SchoolCup 2019 by CS: GO

We continue to support the development of Belarusian cybersport. Once again, IQeon became the general sponsors of the tournament and, together with, gave Belarusian pupils a chance to become real cyber-sportsmen and compete for valuable prizes.

SchoolCup 2019 started on April 27 at the base of the BSU Business Institute with the CS:GO tournament. For technical reasons, on that day only the first semi-final took place between the “VHSvgtk” from Vitebsk and “NorthWindGaming” Minsk teams. The victory fell on “NorthWindGaming” Minsk team.

The difficulties did not prevent the SchoolCup guests from taking part in the activities prepared by the organizers. For example, everyone could feel like a special forces soldier, trying on a real combat uniform. Traditionally, the spectators were able to play Mortal Kombat separately from the main event.

On May 12, the tournament continued, but this time online. In the second semifinals, the Minskers from “MGEK” and “5OGURCHIKS” met and the latter turned out to be stronger. In the final, they fought with “NorthWindGaming”. The Cup and the main prize of the competition - a grant to study at the Institute of Business of the BSU, was rightfully received by “5OGURCHIKS” team.

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