IQN has been added to Ethos crypto wallet

IQN has been added to Ethos crypto wallet

Our team welcomes innovations in the crypto world, which is why we have started a partnership with Ethos. We are pleased to announce that from now on, the IQN's crypto currency can now be added to Ethos Wallet. Below you can read about the benefits this partnership will bring us.

Ethos is an universal decentralized wallet that will combine all the needs of crypto owners for storing, sending / receiving and exchanging crypto-currencies. Now the user wont have to create different wallets for individual crypto-currencies. This is convenient, because in fact, the user receives three wallets in one: trading, saving and for daily purchases. The wallet is convenient and easy to use, but its main advantage is customer support.

Manage your assets with the same key

You can also manage your assets with just one key, besides, adding additional coins to your wallet will become even easier and faster. Also, the wallet allows the user to manage their secret keys, which makes it possible to export them to another crypto-locker.

Well, a nice bonus - you can create personal domains in your wallet, which makes it even more enjoyable. For example, Ivan.Ethos instead of 0xt57jhfkk ...

At the moment the team is at the final stage of product development and is actively engaged in attracting partners to form a coin base for the wallet. Join those first lucky ones who are trying all the advantages of the wallet.

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