Оrder of IQN distribution designated for partners and bounty campaign

Оrder of IQN distribution designated for partners and bounty campaign

In accordance with the rules indicated on the project’s White Paper (see 12.2. section) distribution of funds gathered during the ICO will be conducted in the next way: 10% of the bonus fund tokens will be evenly distributed within 12 months. Partners and consultants hold 6% of the tokens will get access to their assets in 2 months. 2% of tokens designated to the bounty campaign will be distributed at the same period of time.

12% of tokens reserved for the IQeon team are held in the system for 6 months. By the end of this term, tokens will be evenly distributed within next 6 months. Smart-contracts that distribute tokens under the bounty campaign and for project partners have been testing at the current period.

IQeon team is also very grateful to everyone who bought IQN tokens for their interest and support. We are happy to be at your service and are eager to improve the quality of our gaming platform. We do our best to enhance technical and functional features of the platform. Which, in turn, increases community loyalty and attracts new audience, thus facilitating successful growth of the project.

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