IQportunity: Platform Hosts Motivational Apps and Personal Growth Scenarios

IQportunity: Platform Hosts Motivational Apps and Personal Growth Scenarios

Nowadays, the sphere of motivational apps is a fertile ground for software developers. Everyone wants to be a better version of who they are. Be smarter, fit, study new languages, etc. Modern apps are huge helpers as through the system of notifications they remind the owners of the phones to do something: have a morning jog, study 20 new words, do some brain stretching etc.

The IQeon decentralized platform welcomes motivational apps and personal growth scenarios to be implemented into the system, moreover, we have everything ready for that. The unique feature that IQeon offers to the developers of motivational apps is that we could make their products interactive; users of IQeon platforms could poke each other and make bets on some particular kinds of activity.

For example, user 1 writes that he/she bets to run 2 km every morning for 10 days. User 2 confirms the bet and claims to do the same. They bet on some sum of money and make a common deposit. All the details of the bet are automatically written into the Blockchain network of IQeon platform and cannot be changed. The one who wins the bet receives the prize fund (minus the platform commission, which is very small, though). Smart contract mechanism introduced on the platform makes the payment transparent and ironclad.

Complete strangers, as well as your own friends, are able to poke you and organize a motivational bet. Be ready to go bold and earn on your personal growth.



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