IQN is now native in Metamask extension

IQN is now native in Metamask extension

Today we want have some good news to share! You can now forget about "Add Custom Token" tab in Metamask - any new user will be able to add IQN easily via "Search Tokens" tab. If until now you have not heard about Metamask extension - do not worry, we will tell you more about it.

Metamask is a secure intermediate wallet delivered in the form of simple yet beautiful browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Brave. After installing it, you can accept and send payments in ETH or ERC20 standard tokens. In order to start using Metamask, you do not have to create new wallet - you can easily import an existing one and continue using it.

Previously, users had to input a lot of data, such as the address of smart contract, the symbol of token and the number of decimals, in order to manage their IQN. All this required some time, knowledge and patience, but now it's in the past!

Our token is now present in Metamask natively and is easy to add - you just need to enter "IQeon" in the "Search Tokens" field and in one click all is ready for action.

We would like to thank the Metamask team for their trust! If you have not installed this extension yet, we highly recommend downloading it from the official website.

Best regards,

IQeon team



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