IQN digital asset was added to Blockfolio Signal

IQN - Blockfolio Signal

Friends, we are delighted to announce that IQN digital asset has been added to the mobile app Blockfolio Signal!

This means that the participants of the crypto community have an additional opportunity to follow the current IQN rate and its market analytics, as well as receive notifications of important project updates directly to the smartphones.

Blockfolio Signal is a convenient cryptocurrency portfolio management tool that supports over 8,000 assets. Thanks to IQN integration, crypto enthusiasts will always be able to stay up to date with news about its development.

To replenish your portfolio with IQN, you need to download Blockfolio application from Google Play or App Store, click on the “+” icon on the home screen, find a digital asset in the list of offered currencies and add it to the list of tracked ones. And to receive the most important news about the project and signals about changes in the IQN value, you can turn on notifications by clicking on the “bell”.

Add IQN to your portfolio and stay tuned for significant digital asset news!


Blockfolio Signal is one of the most popular cryptocurrency portfolio management applications. More than 5 million crypto enthusiasts around the world are already using the convenient tool.

Using the application, users can get the latest information on exchange rates, a detailed analysis of the digital assets market, an overview of the latest cryptosphere events from popular portals, as well as news about crypto projects directly from the development teams. employees are not representatives of organizations mentioned in this and other materials as well as in publications in other information channels. Before further interaction with the mentioned services we strongly recommend you to read Terms&Conditions.



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