IQN cryptocurrency added to the Trust Wallet App

26 July 2018
IQN cryptocurrency added to the Trust Wallet App

For sure, each of us likes, when using something becomes more convenient. Our team is also a supporter of this idea and that’s why IQN cryptocurrency was integrated into Trust Wallet. It is fast and reliable wallet with full support for all ERC20 and ERC223 tokens (including Ethereum Classic, POA Network and GoChain tokens). The app is available for download from App Store and Google Play or from the official website, it has over 150,000 overall installations and many highly positive reviews.

Manage your assets as conveniently as possible!

The advantage of this wallet is its convenience and ease of use. Moreover - security is on the highest level, your private key only stored locally and protected with many layers of security. But the most pleasant is the display of not only all of your coins, but also the current exchange rate for them in relation to the USD. Isn’t it cool? No need to track your portfolio via numerous trackers or CoinMarketCap - all within one wallet. The history of all your transactions made inside the Trust Wallet App is always at your hand, it will be displayed in the form of transactions list with dates and exact amounts - the way we all like to see it.

Also, the wallet has integration of popular DApps, you can easily buy collectibles like Crypto Kitties without leaving the app and much more. With this said we feel that making IQN more accessible and more open is a very important part of IQeon platform development and we are continuing our work in this field.

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