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The IQeon team is pleased to announce the expansion of the network of partner companies! The largest information Internet portal has joined the list.

We will be able to help all who wish to increase their level of financial and cryptocurrency literacy through joint publications and events. On the resource pages, users will always find IQeon experts opinion in the development of mobile and browser games, cryptocurrency and other information from the gaming and blockchain industry. is the first Belarusian magazine on computer subjects, published since 1994 as a newspaper, and since 1997 presented as an online edition. the company mission is to allow everyone to realize their potential using the platform, applying knowledge, skills, and experience to the benefit of other people. ”

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Disclaimer: employees are not representatives of organizations mentioned in this and other materials, as well as in publications in other channels of information transfer. Before further interaction with the mentioned services, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the terms of service.



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