IQeon Is Delighted to Receive Richard Dilendorf Among Our Advisors

27 December 2017
IQeon Is Delighted to Receive Richard Dilendorf Among Our Advisors

Richard is an international expert and a lector on financial planning advising various fintech businesses and companies from Japan, the USA, and the EU. He is a well-known business consultant, a mining expert.

Since 2014, he leads Bitclub Network mining group and the biggest mining pool, having the capacity of >409 PH/s. Richard has 20 + years of experience in sales, consulting, marketing, training of personnel, presentations of new products & services in Western and Eastern European markets.

IQeon team is happily welcoming our new advisor and ready to run an additional pre-ICO we have announced in one of our previous news posts. We’d like to remind you that the additional ICO round starts on January 8th and lasts until January 15th, 2018. Tokens emission sum comes to $ 1,300,000. 1 ETH will be equal to 550 IQN, which is more profitable, in comparison with the primary course. The main ICO will take place in the end of January.

IQeon revolutionary gaming platform is ready to bring many benefits to the gaming community, stick to us and see the magic happening!



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