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IQeon Gaming Ecosystem: Plans for the Future

06 January 2018
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IQeon Gaming Ecosystem: Plans for the Future

Dear friends and investors, you know that IQeon gaming platform is an already working product with games being presented on the platform. IQeon developers are actively implementing the functionality claimed in our whitepaper but as you know, the sky is the limit. That’s why after IQeon platform official launch we are planning to start working hard on the implementation of games based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) and AR/VR (Augmented/Virtual Reality).

AI, basically, its neural networks will be used to create the self-improving and self-learning mechanisms adopted for logical and intellectual games development. AR/VR technologies will embrace a wide variety of AR/VR games enabling them on the platform.

IQeon team is happy to share our long-term vision of the project and are welcoming everyone to participate in our tokens presale, which starts on January 8, 2018!



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