IQeon enters into partnership with Fractal

Fractal is a new IQeon partner.

IQeon has repeatedly stated that the security of our users is one of the company’s top priorities. In order to provide PvP platform players with a higher level of protection, we started KYC/AML procedures implementation. These practices not only prevent illegal manipulations by malevolent users, but also confirms that the platform operates in the legal field.

So, for the effective implementation of Know Your Customer procedure, we joined forces with Fractal, a German company developing solutions for identifying customers. Appliance of Fractal ID technology will enforce KYC/AML compliance while making it easy for users to verify their identity. 

All data provided by users will be managed by our partner in compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We consider compliance with the GDPR and protection of personal data as top priorities. We encrypt all sensitive data and have implemented state of the art security processes to protect your information. – comments Nele Wollert, CSO at Fractal.

Fractal, headquartered in Germany, is a financial technology company with extensive expertise in global regulatory frameworks. Their product Fractal ID is a user-centric KYC/AML platform specifically built for Finance 3.0 services such as blockchain fintechs.

The company actively collaborates with regulatory agencies such as German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). Fractal's mission is to aid the transition to a more open and interoperable financial ecosystem, ensuring that the highest regulatory standards are upheld in fully compliant and secure processes, acting as a peer and trusted partner to its clients and users. 

Disclaimer: employees are not representatives of organizations mentioned in this and other materials as well as in publications in other information channels. Before further interaction with the mentioned services we strongly recommend you to read Terms & Conditions.




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