Benefits of Investing in IQeon

Benefits of Investing in IQeon

The applications and games industry is growing rapidly each year. In 2017, the volume of the games market reached $109 billion, and by 2021 the volume is considered to reach $130 billion. As for the players, from the two billion gamers a maximum of 3% are able to monetize their achievements, often facing the problem of fraud.

The IQeon PvP gaming platform is a revolutionary solution that has a number of advantages for players, developers, and investors. Players get the opportunity to enjoy their favorite online games, bet on the outcome of games and so on, as well as legally and safely monetize their gaming achievements and receive guaranteed winnings due to smart contracts. Developers receive additional revenue from each bid, the platform takes the lowest commission for revenue (10% instead of 30% like for AppStore and Google Play), integration of gaming products into the IQeon ecosystem through API platforms is fast and easy, the audience of gamers is constantly growing.

Thanks to the growth of the audience of players and partners, the value of the internal means of payment - the IQN crypto currency - will also be constantly increasing, which would be beneficial for investors. IQN tokens during the periods of pre-ICO (additional round) and ICO can be purchased at a low price.

We want to remind that the additional round of pre-ICO starts on January 8 and ends on January 15, 2018. The volume of emission will be about $ 1,300,000. For 1 ETH investors will be able to buy 550 IQN. This price is one and a half times more profitable in comparison with the main course. The ICO will be held at the end of January.

Hurry to invest in a promising project that will bring the long-awaited solution to the most pressing problem of the game industry!



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