3rd Stage of Main Tokens Offer Starts Today, Get 15% Bonus

3rd Stage of Main Tokens Offer Starts Today, Get 15% Bonus

Our main tokens sale keeps providing the Bonus system to our early investors. This week it’s 15%! Remember, that the following weeks bring you even less profit as the bonus for the 4th week is 10% and for the 5th – only 5%!

If you haven’t purchased any IQN tokens yet – it’s your big fat chance to do that! Don’t miss your opportunity to support one of the most promising projects of 2018 challenging the whole gaming industry and providing easy ways to monetize your in-game achievements.

Our responsibility is to promote IQeon gaming ecosystem, that’s why today and tomorrow we are going to Prague to participate in the White Nights Conference. This is a specialized gaming conference to expose to the rest of the world thousands of new games developed across mobile, console, PC, web, VR, and AR. IQeon platform could become an ideal partner for such game development companies as we may offer our decentralized infrastructure bringing mutual benefit to everyone.

Follow our news and find out who will become our next partner!



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