Can IQN become an asset of the Metaverse?

IQN token.

IQN is an ERC-20 standard token that allows players around the world to monetize their gaming achievements on the IQeon platform.

Along with the transformation of IQeon into a large fintech project due to objective reality and increased demand for the gaming industry and the cryptosphere, the platform’s utility token, IQN, has become a kind of “artery” of the entire IQeon ecosystem, which now includes not only the gaming area, but and financial.

With the help of an asset, users can take part in games and monetize their in-game achievements. In addition, IQN provides access to transaction history, creation and participation in competitions on the IQeon platform. The asset received for winning matches can be exchanged for other digital currencies on trading floors.

Through IQN, accruals are made to users for winning game matches, and rewards are also paid to game developers, digital content copyright holders, and affiliate program participants. The amount of a digital asset in the account is displayed on the “Balance” tab in the “Balance of tokens” line.

On the PVP platform of, you can also find the concept of “bonus IQN”. This type of token can only be used to conduct matches with rivals and participate in them. If the player wins, his bonuses are transferred to the IQN digital asset, which can later be withdrawn to a personal wallet.

Perspective of IQN token

As part of an ever-improving potentially huge ecosystem with a loyal base of contributors, IQN has the potential to become one of the most active cryptocurrencies in the gaming segment.

This is proved by:

  • Listings in major crypto exchanges.

Leading exchanges are interested in risk management. They carefully select new tokens and leave unpromising coins “overboard”.Top sites include IQN in their lists. Moreover, the activity of the token on these exchanges indicates an ever-growing number of owners and a rapid increase in liquidity.

  • Wide representation in the crypto investment and gaming communities.

In addition to being listed on exchanges, IQN has a strong presence in the gaming and crypto investment communities. Since the beginning of 2020, the project has attracted more than ten partners, including the popular TradingView platform for community engagement, the German Fractal Analytics for participant identification, and Flipside Crypto for intuitive visualization.

The IQeon project has also collaborated with various gaming and information portals dedicated to blockchain and cryptocurrencies, which has strengthened the confidence of crypto enthusiasts in IQN.

  • Reliable concept and experienced team.

The main emphasis of the project is on the quality of the product and its continuous development.

Thus, the service part of the ecosystem, the IQN token, can be called a worthy option for diversifying the investment portfolio, and taking into account the high rates of development of virtual reality and the prospects of the token, perhaps even one of the leading assets of the Metaverse*.

*Note: The Metaverse is a futuristic virtual world that some plan to include the gaming realm and all aspects of human life. Perhaps even retail elements will be added so that people can shop in the same way as in real life.

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