IQN for activity: IQeon launches a bot to charge bonuses

Bonuses - IQeon

IQeon team keeps up encouraging the most active members of the community!

In order to reward users who support our gaming platform, we created IQN Tip Bot, which gives out in-game currency IQN for the activity shown in the official Telegram chat of the project.

How can I get bonus?

Subscribers can receive bonus IQN for answers to intellectual questions that are regularly posted in our community in the form of pictures and polls, as well as for constructive answers to questions from other users.

IQeon team analyzes the activity of the chat participants and encourages users who correctly answered questions by topping up 0.05 IQN to their IQN Tip Bot account. However, the number of rewards is limited – daily the comunity moderators will choose up to 10 actions from a total amount and reward their authors. We also draw your attention to the fact that the minimum sum available for withdrawing from IQN Tip Bot account to the user's gaming account on platform is 5 IQN.

One can check the balance of earned by participant IQN or withdraw assets to the platform by sending the request with corresponding command in private message to IQN Tip Bot. For ease of use, we provided buttons and language switches in chat with bot.

A new bonus program starts today! Join the project community and remember: the higher your chat activity is, the more bonus IQN you will receive to your game account!



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