Vadim Dovguchits’s interview: how to realize business idea and attract investors!

CEO of IQeon was interviewed by Adukar

Business analyst and expert in blockchain technology, CEO of IQeon - Vadim Dovguchits, was interviewed by our partner - the Belarusian educational project “Adukar”.

IQeon founder told about creation of the project, described difficulties for start-ups and how to attract investors to your idea. 

To create your own IT-project - proper education is a must have. A businessman
requires to have wide knowledge, as Vadim Dovguchits's example sets. Here is a partial list, where he has expert opinion - entrepreneurship, jurisprudence, psychology and even agricultural industry. But, as Vadim Dovguchits stresses in the interview, there are the most necessary things in IT project realization. 

“Copyright is one of the key topics, which helps to estimate the cost of the product and what investments to ask”.

The second thing, what businessmen need at the beginning is expert's second opinion. If you create IT start-up, you should ask different software companies for your idea’s assessment. 

“It can help you to assess the development cost and get the objective understanding, does somebody need this idea or not”.

The third thing is that the finished action plan and the strategy of the idea’s development needed before attracting investments.

When there were no investments, I already knew IQeon development time and its cost. Also I had a choice between outsource and own team. I knew, where to register my company, how to legalize copyright of my product and what countries do I need to register the trademark, the name and so on”.

The fourth one, what start-up needs is regular work on errors. It means to refine and develop your idea, correct communication with investors and  be open to offers and advices. 

The problem of the most start-ups is that they think their idea is great and it doesn’t need to be improved. And they are always really surprised by getting rejections from investors. Try to turn a negative response into a useful experience. Ask feedback from investors to know, what prevents him to make a positive decision and correct it!"

Also, Vadim Dovguchits called on future businessmen to make things always happen and remember, your success doesn’t depend on investors, who believed in you. It depends on you. 


Adukar is a Belarusian educational project for high school graduates, which can help in choosing profession and IT training courses. On, you can find educational news, know more about higher education in Belarus and prepare to entry. 

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