Upcoming сhanges in IQeon

Upcoming сhanges in IQeon

Many works have been moved behind the scenes since the end of the ICO. Our developers and designers are working on building the Platform, enhancing the API, games and everything else, that is still kept in secret.

First of all, we want to make all this process more accessible and transparent for our community so that you can see what we are working on and what steps have already been taken. As you could have noticed, we’ve increased the amount of news and started publishing monthly reports. However, we believe it is not enough, because we also need a better representation of our project to those who see it for the first time.

That’s why we’ve decided to begin with updating the design of our website. You will be able to see a gradual change in the pages of IQeon.io and we strongly hope that you’ll like the new website in terms of convenience, availability and functionality.
The purpose of this update is to present our gaming cryptocurrency in a new way to arouse interest among potential users as well as to show them what utility it has at the moment and what can one expect to happen in the nearest future.

By "nearest future" we obviously mean the launch of Platform’s Beta which is getting closer. Therefore, the updated website is also directed towards the developers and includes information that will be helpful to them.

Stay in touch with us on our social media so that you won’t miss our updates. And feel free to share this news and let everyone know about our project!

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