The last chance to get IQN with 40% discount!

The last chance to get IQN with 40% discount!

IQN is the asset with great potential. Its value and liquidity are increasing with the development of the platform, and the growth of gaming audience.

Let’s discuss what the ways to use IQN are:

  • IQN could be exchanged for the internal currency of IQeon platform. You need it to: 1) make stakes; 2) pay rewards in gaming rooms; 3) use it for motivation applications; 4) pay rewards for a certain kind of activity: the title of the player of the day/month, etc.
  • IQN is the means of payment to game developers who place their games on the platform.
  • IQN is paid to copyright owners for their digital content.
  • IQN is the payment means for partner programs.

Even before the platform is fully launched, IQN support will be added to multiple online services and apps.

The IQN holders community will keep growing due to a number of reasons:

  1. Limited emission of asset.
  2. Constant use in the gaming process.
  3. Ability to be converted to other digital assets and fiat.
  4. IQeon game portfolio as well as API and SDK availability for developers will lead to users’ growth and increase in IQeon platform demand.


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