IQeon conquers new horizons: transformation from a gaming platform into a fintech is a large-scale and serious project

IQeon is a fintech project.

Dear friends! We are pleased to announce the large-scale work done to improve the project. Now we have turned from a gaming project into a fintech one working in both gaming and financial areas.

We decided not to remain just a gaming platform with the ability to monetize gaming achievements, but turned to other areas of the industry.

Now the IQeon ecosystem includes a catalog of games for every taste iQ Clash, a guide with news, reviews and analysis of games IQGamm, the IQeon gaming platform itself (improved and updated), but even that's not all.

You, our users, have frequently asked questions about the value of our assets, where to store them and how to exchange them securely. For your convenience and secure transactions, the team has also developed IQN Wallet (a wallet for storing and making transactions with crypto and other electronic money), crypto exchanger, which presents both digital and fiat assets, and even (cryptocurrency gateway for making payments in digital currency).

We will acquaint you with each of our developments in more detail soon!

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