“IQeon Giveaway” is over! Our congratulations to the winners!

IQeon Giveaway – results

The large-scale contest, launched on the platform and IQeon communities in early August, is over! In total, over 150 users of the platform took part in the contest. 

“IQeon Giveaway” took place in 3 stages, each of which helped participants to know more about possibilities of IQeon PvP gaming platform.   

So, in the first round of the contest Follow IQeon, participants met our communities in social media. 100 IQN were played among 10 lucky ones.

In the second stage “Play Games” with the prize fund 200 IQN, participants were able to check their skills in games of the platform. 10 randomly selected players received a 20 IQN bonus on their gaming accounts.

Finally, we invited users to join trading on the platform and deposit 5 IQN on the third stage “Deposit IQN”. The prize fund of the final stage was 150 IQN. 

The winners of “IQeon Giveaway” are:

  • LemAnna
  • Gorillaz
  • gladiatorr
  • Milana11
  • bella_swan

Our congratulations! 30 IQN will be put into your gaming accounts!

We appreciate all the participants of “IQeon Giveaway” for being active! There are many exciting contests ahead! Stay tuned and check out IQeon news!



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