The Christmas prize draw is over! Summing up Crypto Santa results

Crypto Santa results

Friends, the Christmas contest Crypto Santa is over and we’re happy to announce the results!

We remind you that only those participants who completed the competition tasks on the GiveLab website from November 25 to December 23, 2020, could compete for 510 IQN and the limited collectible asset Founders Badge from our partner – the gaming portal eGamers.

Thanks to everyone for the active participation! Crypto Santa contest created a kind of buzz and became an interesting challenge for over 6,000 users. And now is the time to introduce the winners! So, here they are:

  • Ruben Velez
  • CryptoAlo
  • Viacheslav R.
  • Delwar H.
  • Júlio Werner M.
  • Chuks Amadi
  • marcelo d.
  • Zahed
  • Nham Dieu huong
  • Tiago Lopes

Congratulations! 50 prize IQN will be credited to the winners’ gaming accounts on by December 31, 2020.

Moreover, five contestants will receive limited Founders Badge assets to their crypto wallets during the week. They will give access to a private group of crypto game enthusiasts and unique opportunities to get in-game discounts, artifacts and participate in closed draws launched by the eGamers portal.

The lucky owners of Founders Badge assets are:

  • Daviro A.
  • Bui Vy lam
  • Phabell D 
  • Phung Thanh tu 
  • otwori_robert

In addition, 100 contestants who were among the first to complete IQeon special task and fill in the ID of the match played in the Crypto Santa contest card (My IQN / Affiliate) will receive 0.1 IQN to the game account! Prize assets will be credited today!

Don't forget to subscribe to the official IQeon community to stay tuned – there are many more exciting contests ahead!



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