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Leaderboard - IQeon

Friends, our team continues to encourage the most active users of the platform!

So, we summarized gaming results of users and now publish the leaderboard for 2019. While calculating points, we took into account all matches played by users in all games of the platform from the moment of its launch until the end of 2019.

We congratulate all users who got into the rating table! Thank you for your efforts, passion and active participation in the events of the project! Your results inspire us to constantly develop the gaming platform and create an honest and open space for gaming enthusiasts around the world!

IQeon has decided to award the top five most successful players! These are users with the nicknames network0071, Zaebashka, Victoriya, gamepro and TheLegendOfBjorn.

The conditions for receiving the award are very simple: during February players from the top five leaders should become winners of Weekly Challenge contest, in this very case their winning reward will be doubled and the amount will make up 10 IQN! So, the participants have the opportunity to get up to 40 IQN to the game account!

Be active – achieve better results, set records and your efforts will be rewarded!



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