The 2nd stage of “IQeon Giveaway” prepares awards for the most active players!

IQeon Giveaway - the 2nd stage

Announcing long-awaited 2nd stage of the “IQeon Giveaway” contest - “Play Games”! Participants can express themselves in numerous games on the platform and win generous awards for their activity, since the 13th of August!

Ten winners of the 2nd stage will receive 20 IQN on their gaming accounts. Reminding you, that everybody has a chance to win in “IQeon Giveaway”! The winners will be announced during a live broadcast on IQeon Youtube-channel at 13 p.m. (UTC), on August 26th. 

Conditions of the 2nd stage: 

  1. Send your email, to which an account on is registered,  to “IQeon Giveaway” bot on Telegram
  2. Play 2 matches in 5 different games on the platform (in the amount of 10 matches). 

Reminding you, that it is possible to join “IQeon Giveaway” at any moment. For that, it is enough just to meet the conditions of the previous stage of the contest - “Follow IQeon”. You can find its conditions here. 

For the participants, who meet conditions of just two stages: besides registering email, you need to send the link to your page with a repost of any post in IQeon community to “IQeon Giveaway” bot. 

Take part in “IQeon Giveaway” and win dizzying awards! 




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