Special offer – IQN with 40% discount

Special offer – IQN with 40% discount

Knockout prices - from January 8th until January 15th you have the opportunity to get IQeon tokens on incredibly favorable terms: you will receive a 40% discount for each IQN!

We want to remind that IQeon pre-ICO was completed ahead of schedule since we managed to collect the necessary amount of contributions with the significant advance of the plan. Due to the high interest of gamers and developers to the platform, the IQeon team decided to provide everyone with another opportunity to get tokens at a reduced rate.

IQeon is a revolutionary project with high perspectives, designed to make a positive influence on the entire game industry. Users of the first decentralized PvP platform IQeon will be able to play games and monetize their gaming achievements, as well as organize tournaments, stake on the outcome of the game and receive their winnings reliably.

The sale of IQN with a discount will last only a week, so don’t be late to purchase IQeon tokens on the most favorable terms.

Now the discount is 40%! Contribute to IQeon and keep up to date on the development of one of the most promising projects of the gaming industry.

Get IQN with 40% discount! *

* from the exchange rate of the basic offer on tokens (1 ETH = 550 IQN instead of 325 IQN)



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