Results of the collaborative competition with EXMO exchange!

IQeon&EXMO results

Friends, the collaborative competition with EXMO trading platform is over. Let's sum up the results!

We remind you that in order to compete for 900 IQN, as well as receive cashback up to 70% of commissions when carrying out exchange operations on EXMO, you had to be among the first 500 users to log in to our gaming platform, register on the exchange website via the referral link and enter EXMO login in the competition card at

Please note that only new verified users of the trading platform could receive the prize.

Congrats to the winners! The first 50 participants of the contest receive 5 IQN to the gaming accounts, each of the next 100 users becomes the owner of 3 IQN. Another 350 contestants get 1 IQN to the gaming accounts.

Prize assets will be rewarded to 500 lucky winners within a week.

In addition to IQN, the winners will also receive cashback up to 50% at the Taker rate and 70% at the Maker rate from commissions when carrying out exchange operations on EXMO exchange. The promotion is valid for a month from the date of registration.

Thank you all for participating! Don't forget to subscribe to the official IQeon community to stay tuned – there are many more exciting contests ahead!



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