Summing up the results of intellectual contest IQeon Marathon!

IQeon Marathon

Our intellectual competition IQeon Marathon has come to the end, and now is high time to sum up the results! About a hundred of contestants took part in the large-scale draw of 900 IQN!

The intellectual marathon has become an excellent opportunity for erudites to show their knowledge in various fields, as well as to expand their horizons. So, within the competition, the participants learned which game’s name is translated from Japanese as “an egg requiring love”, the name of the device that opens the doors in the series “Doctor Who”, as well as how many Oscars received the film “Titanic” and much more.

In order to become a winner of the intellectual race, participants had to be uncompromising and answer interesting questions on logic and solve difficult puzzles during 28 days. We remind you that a subscription to official IQeon communities, registration on platform and completing a personal user profile were obligatory conditions for victory. Those marathon runners who have fulfilled all the conditions of the competition and, most importantly, correctly answered the majority of questions of the stages, will receive valuable prizes to their game accounts.

Since some questions of IQeon Marathon turned out to be really difficult, we decided not to leave the most active participants without encouragement and sum up the results based on the sum of all correct answers given by the contestants.

So, the winners of the competition are:

  • oleh133,  
  • Niks_Edward, 
  • rafael3,
  • Victorious101,
  • Dyorysme,
  • Cryptowatch21,
  • Zub_vtb,
  • TheHamsterofDeath,
  • tachy0n,
  • 2290172357957640.  

We thank all the participants of IQeon Marathon for their activity and congratulate the winners on the successfully covering the distance! 

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