Quiz by numbers: telling interesting facts about passing the quiz

Quiz stats

Friends, Quiz Battle contest is over, the winners are announced! Our intellectual Quiz game has not yet seen such a scale: during the contest, which started on June 8, almost 10,000 game matches were played, without counting the blitz quiz!

We remind you that in order to become the winner of an interactive contest, participants had to play Quiz game on PvP platform IQeon.com for two weeks, score the maximum number of points and get into the top 5 best players.

At the end of the contest, we analyzed the data and decided to share the most interesting facts about passing the quiz.

So, about 2000 games out of the total number of matches were completed by one user! 2% of the contestants played over 1000 matches, excluding blitz quizzes. And 0.6% of participants overcame the bar of 900 games passed.

It is noteworthy that most erudites preferred quizzes on a specific topic. So, a third of all game points was scored in thematic games. By the way, there are already 14 of them in Quiz!

Point gained

The quiz was available in two languages: English and Russian. However, there were more English-speaking players – about 82%. About 18% of competitors passed Quiz in Russian.

Target audience

This is not the first time when participants of IQeon intellectual contests show excellent results. Moreover, with each new competition, the success of the players is getting better. So, an impressive part of the contestants – 30.5% – on average answered correctly 7-8 out of 10 questions in one quiz, some of which, by the way, were pretty tricky. And 11% of the players passed Quiz, gaining 9-10 points. This proves once again that IQeon audience includes intellectuals with a high level of erudition!

Target audience

We are delighted that Quiz has attracted so many erudites, and we thank everyone for their active participation! We hope that each of the participants, regardless of the prize place, benefited from participating in Quiz Battle contest, expanding the horizons of their own knowledge.

Follow the platform news in the official IQeon Telegram community: there is a lot of interesting things ahead!



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