Public and private game rooms based on IQeon platform

Public and private game rooms based on IQeon platform

One of the directions of IQeon gaming ecosystem development is to host intelligent and logical tasks combined in public and private game rooms.

What is a game room?

Game rooms include a set of logical tasks that should be completed within a short period of time. The winner is the one who spends the least amount of time to complete the tasks. Moreover, these rooms are open for some particular period of time. Afterwards, they are closed and the winners receive their rewards.

The prize fund is made up of bets placed by the gamers. The platform and the developers of the games take the commission (that is quite small, less than 10%) and the rest of the prize fund is distributed among the players who received the highest score.

There are two types of game rooms:

  • Public - The list of public game rooms is provided and anyone can participate.
  • Private - Private rooms are created by players with a set of parameters (specified amount of players and period of time for the room to be open (available). The founder of the private room could change the settings and make it public or keep it private.

One of the brightest examples is IQClash game. It’s a working app that could be downloaded from Google Play or App Store based on the Blockchain network of IQeon platform.



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