Only 4 days left before the start of the pre-ICO

Only 4 days left before the start of the pre-ICO

Only 4 days left before the start of the pre-ICO of our project, the first decentralized PvP platform where users can earn on their intelligence and achievements. The active phase of attracting contributions to the pre-sale will begin on December 15th. But a big piece of work on our project has already been done. It began long before this point and includes the long way that the project passed from the state of an idea to the formed concept with great prospects. The project is based on ideas that have a huge potential and managed to pass the test of time and criticism of experts.

Project roadmap:

  • Quarter 3, 2016

The origin of the idea to create ​​the IQeon platform. Development of the concept and business plan.

  • Quarter 4, 2016

Working out the legal model of IQeon platform in various jurisdictions. Development of the mechanics of the game process. Development of a pilot application "IQ Clash" for the future platform.

  • Quarter 1, 2017

IQ Clash OU company registration. Team building.

  • Quarter 2, 2017

Attraction of consultants. Development of the IQeon prototype platform. Technical audit.

  • Quarter 3, 2017

Development of a partnership model in the IQeon ecosystem. Search for partners. Conclusion an agreement with a partner bank. Development of the IQ Clash API. The start of platform development. Start of ecosystem formation (more than 30 partners).

  • Quarter 4, 2017

Preparation for the ICO. Smart contract development for the release of the IQN token. Conducting of pre-ICO and ICO. Works on the development of the platform. Works on the formation of the ecosystem (more than 100 partners and 1.000.000 active users per month [MAU]).

The further we move the greater the project becomes! Subscribe to our pages in social media and follow the progress of IQ Clash!



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