October transparency report

October transparency report

IQeon in the Ethos Community Airdrop Program

At the beginning of the month, IQeon team has sent additional 10 275IQN that will be distributed as a bonus between registered users of Ethos wallet together with the previously sent 50 000 IQN. The first round of the airdrop program was successfully closed and IQeon team got a notification about our token further participation in the next round. The exact launch date of the second round is still unknown but we are sure that it won’t take too long.

Beam service testing from CoinGecko

Cryptocurrencies tracker CoinGecko has recently introduced a new section called Beam - it’s a special dashboard which allows project teams to share the news with all users of CoinGecko network. IQeon team took part in the testing of this new opportunity and we are now able to present the most interesting information about our gaming cryptocurrency not only at our website and social media, but also via Beam.

Application for participation in Delta Direct

Besides Beam we’ve also applied for participation in a new service called Delta Direct in Delta app. We remind you that this app allows to create crypto-portfolio and track the dynamics of most popular cryptocurrencies right from the mobile device. Delta Direct is made to connect teams with existing and potential cryptocurrency holders and to allow users to get the most relevant information about key events directly from developers.

New services for tracking IQN dynamics

You can now follow IQN dynamics on Coinranking and Coinhodlerservices that have integrated our cryptocurrency to their systems. Coinranking provides information about the price and volume of more than 4000 cryptocurrencies within one platform. With the help of Coinhodler users can create a cryptocurrency portfolio for free and track its performance.

Also, thanks to the presence of IQN at CoinMarketCap, other platforms and apps that track the price rate and trading metrics, have been added to the trader’s arsenal. Among them you’ll find:

Participation in Crypto Invest Summit and Crypto Games Conference

IQeon team introduced the project on global conferences and exhibitions. The CTO of IQeon Pavel Kazimirenko made a speech on Crypto Games Conference and talked about the trends in global gaming market, mobile application sector and the future launch of the platform as well.

Our COO Alexander Pavlov has also participated in Crypto Invest Summit where he has held several meetings and discussed possible cooperation with potential partners.

The announcement of Developers Beta-testing

The first stage of IQeon platform closed beta-testing will start on November 12th. Game developers together with the project team will check the platform’s functionality, connect games with the help of Game API and will test all the inner systems of platform. You will find out more about these and other development details in the latest issue of our monthly Development Update.

In addition to active preparation for the nearest platform release you will see a lot of interesting news and pleasant surprises prepared for our dear community next month. Subscribe to IQeon social media, join our Telegram chats and stay tuned to be among those who will know all the news first!

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IQeon team

DISCLAIMER: IQeon.io does not endorse any third party organizations that are named in this and other communication(s). Please conduct due diligence and interact with these organizations at your discretion.



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