New opportunities to get IQN for achievements on the platform!

Bonus program - IQeon

IQeon team holds out an additional opportunity for users of the gaming PvP platform to get IQN to the game account! To do this, players need to complete simple tasks on website.

General rules of the new reward system

As part of the new bonus system, we have prepared a separate section with tasks, for the performing of which users will receive a reward in the form of an in-game asset IQN.

To receive the bonus, players must complete one of the tasks proposed in the guidance. For example, complete training or personal profile on, watch a project video presentation or go up against an opponent in your first match, take part in an intellectual quiz in official IQeon communities or in Weekly Challenge contest and set a new record!

When completing more stages, the number of bonus IQN is growing. The section with tasks will be replenished, so players have the opportunity to collect even more bonuses!

What can this accrual be spended on?

The player can use the collected IQN to participate in games on the platform or exchange them for cryptocurrencies through the popular trading platforms.

Progress on completed stages and bonus crediting is always available under “My IQN” tab in the user's personal account.

Start accumulating bonuses today! Visit gaming platform, fulfill as many tasks as possible and get bonus IQN to your gaming account!



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