IQeon sums up the results of March!

IQeon – results of March 2020

IQeon sums up the results of March. What’s important happened during the month, read below.

Final update of White Paper

IQeon team made the final changes to White Paper. In the current version of the document, users can familiarize themselves with an in-depth analysis of the mobile app industry and the problems of the intellectual games market. The document also provides information on the advantages of the gaming platform for all its participants and the mechanics of matches in which user can monetize his achievements. Learn more about the project team, platform architecture, areas of IQN application, as well as ecosystem development plans, you can in  the updated version of White Paper.

Bonus launch for active community users

To reward users who support the gaming platform, we created IQN Tip Bot, which tips bonus IQN for the activity shown in the official Telegram chat of the project. Subscribers can receive a bonus for answers to intellectual questions that we regularly publish in chats in the form of posters and polls, as well as for constructive advice to other users. IQeon team analyzes and rewards the activity of chat participants, crediting 0.05 IQN to their account in IQN Tip Bot.

Introducing a new partner

In March, IQeon entered into a partnership with a German developer of customer identification solutions Fractal. The partnership will help to effectively implement KYC/AML procedures to prevent illegal manipulations carried by unscrupulous users, and the use of Fractal ID technology will ensure compliance with international legal standards, while at the same time making it easier for users to verify their identity.

Participation in Career Today conference

On March 14, Yuriy Navadvorski, CTO of the company, became a speaker at Career Today conference in Minsk. The expert delivered a speech on the topic  “Why is it useful for IT professionals to learn blockchain technology”. He spoke about the main trends and technologies of the IT sphere in 2020, the possibilities of using blockchain in various fields, especially in online gaming, and also answered audience questions about the demand for programmers with an understanding of blockchain principles and the necessary knowledge to work with distributed registry technology.

Gaming PvP platform changes:

  • Continuation of work on optimizing the platform;
  • Advancement of transactions quality;
  • Improvements in the language versions of the platform;
  • Changes in displaying of full-screen mode in games;
  • Compilation of new questions for the intellectual Quiz game in English.

IQeon blog: talking about the benefits of Ethereum blockchain

We published March issue of the analytical blog, in which IQeon experts talked about the advantages of Ethereum blockchain for gaming platforms, including its convenience, flexibility, security and constant development of a distributed registry.

Articles about IQeon team

We continue to introduce people who are improving gaming platform of IQeon project! In March, we introduced Yuriy Navadvorski, IQeon CTO and Vitali Bibik, CFO of the project.

Competition for the best player of the week

IQeon team continues to encourage the best platform players! In March, users competed for 5 IQN in Bighead Run Run, Temple Escape, Survival Shooter, Spin Breakout, and Curvy Path games.

The results of the last game of March will be published on our social media on the first Monday of April.


The project team wishes everyone good health and optimism during this difficult time. Stay with us and develop your intelligence with IQeon!



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