Siarhei Dzenisenka, IQeon’s lead designer: “I always seek to look at my works from users’ side”

Sergey Denisenko – IQeon

We continue to introduce you the people who develop and improve IQeon. We are pleased to present you Siarhei Dzenisenka, IQeon’s lead designer!

Siarhei draws as long as he can remember. A passion, over time, became his profession. He has improved in web design and UI/UX, working at web studios. Siarhei achieved level, when the projects for which he developed a visual style got on the top of Bynet web sites rating.

Siarhei has been in IQeon team for more than a year. He creates design for the entire ecosystem, which consists of site, platform, printed matters and much more. And by the way, for the first time Siarhei tried his hand at designing of mobile-apps and gaming interfaces in the company.  

UI/UX design in mobile development is very important, especially regarding games. Because a user has perceptions of interface, and any innovations are unused for him and can prevent using a product. I always seek to look at my works from users’ side to understand, what he thinks, if the platform functionality is comfortable for him and how quickly he gets used to interface, the lead designer considers. 

Siarhei Dzenisenka always seeks to look for a fresh perspective, new approaches and solutions in design. Meanwhile, of course, he takes into account models and templates, which are well established. So, according to Siarhei, blockchain projects design has its own features... 

This is the new sphere with innovative solutions, which are also reflected in design. I notice that there are common features in websites of projects, developed using blockchain technology. There are bright contrast elements and illustrations in most cases, geometric figures and large print. I think such of specificities were formed, because people wanted to describe the essence of the revolutionary blockchain technology in design. So, certain images took root for blockchain. For example, neural networks, moving ahead, digital code, speed and dynamics,” listed Siarhei. 

As for IQeon ecosystem products, Siarhei not only seeks to reflect innovativeness in design, but also tries to interest the audience as much as possible by drawing it into the game worlds with juicy pictures. 

IQeon platform really inspires me as a designer. New games with a unique graphics continues to be added, and I create its design. Sometimes, I like to do many different styles. It actually improves my design skills.

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