IQeon is summing up the results of June!

IQeon – June 2021 results

IQeon sums up the results of June. What important happened during the month, read below.

Participation in Synopsis 2021 and CGC | NFT 2.0 online conferences

Hanna Lemiasheuskaya, IQeon project CMO, attended an interactive online‌ summit dedicated to the development of non-fungible and social tokens, as well as decentralized autonomous organizations.

The event attracted over 50,000 viewers and 60 bright speakers and provided a complete immersion in the DeFi world. According to Hanna, participation in this kind of summit made it possible to gain access to relevant information from industry leaders, as well as to get positive emotions and communicate with like-minded people.

And in mid-June, the expert joined the CGC | NFT 2.0 conference, during which about 50 speakers shared their vision of the NFT technology future, as well as answered the questions of concern to the community.

Gaming platform listing on the DappRadar website

DappRadar, the world leader in market data and analytics for decentralized applications, has added the PvP gaming platform to the list of promising solutions. The tools provided by the service not only help developers better understand market trends, but also allow users to find new, popular and most functional applications.

Thanks to the listing, blockchain enthusiasts will be able to get a closer look at the most important project indicators and evaluate the success of the main IQeon product.

PvP gaming platform changes:

  • the section with bonus tasks has been fixed;
  • the minimum amount available for withdrawal from has been changed;
  • the design of the user's personal account has been improved;
  • the information in the FAQ section has been updated;
  • the mobile version of the gaming platform has been optimized;
  • the bugs have been fixed.

Rewarding the best platform players

Earlier this month, we summarized the results of the May race for the title of the best platform player. Three winners were determined. The first place winner received 10 bonus IQN, the silver medalist won 5 IQN, and the last top 3 player was rewarded with 3 bonus IQN.

Launch of the "Opinions" section on IQeon blog

IQeon team has launched a new column “Opinions”, in which the company's experts share their views on what is happening in the decentralized world. In the first issue Yuriy Navadvorski, project CTO, spoke about the hype around NFT, the prospects for such tokens and potential areas of their application.

Environmental impact of mining: myth or reality?

The environmental impact of BTC mining has been discussed for several years now. However, in recent months, this has become a hot-button topic. IQeon experts figured out whether Bitcoin mining is so dangerous for the environment and human health, and also talked about “green” crypto mining and its prospects.


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