IQeon is summing up the results of June!

IQeon - June 2020 results

IQeon sums up the results of June. What important happened during the month, read below.

Introduction of a new reward system

IQeon offered users of the PvP gaming platform an additional opportunity to get IQN to their gaming accounts. For this, the team developed a separate section with simple tasks, for the successful completion of which players will be rewarded with an in-game asset.

To receive the bonus, users can pass tutorial or fill up a personal profile at, fight the opponent in the first match, take part in Weekly Challenge contest, setting a new record, and much more! The more steps a player complete, the higher the number of bonus IQN.

Intellectual contest Quiz Battle 

In June, interactive Quiz game was replenished with new questions and categories. On this occasion, IQeon team launched Quiz Battle contest. To win, erudites needed to play Quiz on platform from June 8 to 21 and score the maximum number of points. Subscribing to official IQeon communities, registering on the platform and completing personal profile were obligatory to become the winner.

According to the results of the competition, the five most erudite users were determined. They became winners and received prize IQN to their game accounts.

Interesting facts about Quiz passing

At the end of Quiz Battle contest, our team analyzed the data on the passage of Quiz game and shared interesting facts. During the competition, nearly 10,000 game matches were played, without counting blitz games! Out of this number, about 2,000 quizzes were completed by one user!

It is noteworthy that most of the contestants preferred quizzes on a specific topic. About 30% of the players answered correctly 7-8 out of 10 questions within one quiz, and 11% passed it, gaining 9-10 points. This shows that IQeon audience consists of true intellectuals!

PvP gaming platform changes:

IQeon Blog: telling where to safely store digital assets and how national cryptocurrencies will change the world

In June, two issues were published in an analytical blog at once, in which IQeon experts talked about where it is safest to store accumulated digital assets, and how the digitalization of the global economy and the emergence of national cryptocurrencies can change the world.

Articles about IQeon team

We continue to acquaint IQeon community with people who are improving the gaming platform of the project! In June we introduced PHP programmer Yury Bohush.

Competition for the best player of the week

IQeon team continues to encourage the best platform players! In June, users competed for 5 IQN in Ball Line, Droppy Tower, Sky Jump, and Flippy Hero games.

The last game of June is BlackHole Rush. Its results will be published on our social media on the first Monday of July.


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