IQeon is summing up the results of July!

IQeon - July 2020 results

IQeon sums up the results of July. What important happened during the month, read below.

Implementation of KYC and AML procedures

With the support of the German company Fractal, IQeon team has successfully implemented Know Your Customer procedure in the gaming platform within combating fraud program.

You can go through the verification procedure by clicking the "Security" button under "My Account" tab in the player's personal account. The introduction of KYC tool was an important step towards the increased security of platform – it will help to protect users assets from fraudulent manipulation and contribute to the development of a truly reliable and safe ecosystem.

Partnership with gaming media portal Castle Crypto!

IQeon team has introduced its new partner – gaming media portal and a large community of blockchain enthusiasts Castle Crypto. The portal publishes independent reviews of blockchain games, technology innovations, as well as current news from the digital asset industry on the daily basis.

Thanks to the partnership, the audience of thousands of developers and fans of crypto games will be able to learn more about PvP platform, always keep abreast of its important updates, and receive the latest news about products developed by the team.

Adding IQN to mobile application Blockfolio Signal

In July, IQN digital asset was added to Blockfolio Signal – a mobile cryptocurrency portfolio management application that supports over 8,000 assets. Now members of the crypto community will be able to follow the current IQN rate and its market analytics, as well as receive notifications of important project updates directly to their smartphones.

To add IQN to your portfolio, you need to download Blockfolio app from Google Play or App Store, click on the “+” button at the home page, find the digital asset in the list of suggested currencies and add it to the list of tracked ones. You can also turn on alerts to receive signals about IQN rate changes and always stay up to date with important project news.

PvP gaming platform changes:

IQeon blog: answering how to track a transaction in the blockchain, and telling in which areas a distributed ledger is used

In July, IQeon team launched a new section "Frequently Asked Questions", where the company's experts answer the most popular questions from users about the gaming platform, transactions and much more. In the first article, IQeon specialists explained how to track a transaction on the blockchain. The team also analyzed the potential of blockchain technology and told in what areas it is already being used and what problems a distributed ledger can solve.

Articles about IQeon team

We continue to acquaint IQeon community with people who are improving the gaming platform of the project! In July we introduced Lead Human Resources Specialist Ekaterina Shimanskaya!

Competition for the best player of the week

IQeon team continues to encourage the best platform players! In July, users competed for 5 IQN in Bighead Run Run, Temple Escape и Spin Breakout games.

The last game of July is Survival Shooter. Its results will be published on our social media on the first Monday of August.


Keep abreast of the main events in the life of the project – follow the news on the website and in official Telegram chat.



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