IQeon is summing up the results of July!

IQeon – July 2021 results

IQeon is summing up the results of July. Here is the most important news of  the previous month. Read further to learn.

IQN has been listed in the cryptocurrency exchanger

IQN has become available on the fast-growing digital asset exchange platform – A digital asset can be exchanged in pairs with seven popular currencies: BTC, ETH, USDT, TRX, as well as transferred to dollars, rubles and euros.

IQeon has become a partner of CryptoFans

The new media partner of IQeon is the modern and fast-growing news portal about digital assets, blockchain and decentralized technologies CryptoFans. The resource shares high-quality analytics and reviews of popular crypto funds services, algorithms, pools and mining equipment.

IQN gaming asset is  listed on CoinMarketLeague

The CoinMarketLeague aggregator site, where users can leave their feedback on popular crypto projects, added the IQN gaming asset integrated into the PvP platform to its listing. Now the blockchain community can vote for IQN and thus take part in the development of the project.

PvP gaming platform  changes:

  • integration of with Metamask crypto wallet has been improved;
  • protection of user data has been improved;
  • loading of pages in your personal account has become faster;
  • the display of some games on the platform has been changed;
  • the localization of the platform into Chinese continues;
  • the bugs have been fixed and etc.

Rewarding the best platform players

At the beginning of the month, we summarized the results of the June competition for the title of the best player on the platform. Three winners were determined. The top players received 10, 5 and 3 bonus IQN according to their rankings.

New post in the “ABC from IQeon” column

We continue to clarify terms from the world of cryptocurrencies. In particular, in the June article of the “ABC from IQeon” column, our experts spoke in a more detailed way about the “pump” and “dump”, which make up a manipulative scheme for increasing the exchange rate. Read the information how to recognize it in our blog.

NFT tokens: reasons for their popularity

NFT tokens that cannot be replaced  became a popular and debated issue. We have figured out what their value is and how to create non-fungible assets.


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