IQeon is summing up the results of January!

IQeon – January 2021 results

IQeon sums up the results of January. What important happened during the month, read below.

Adding IQN to TradingView platform

In early January, IQN was integrated into the popular online service for traders – TradingView. So, users got access to a wide range of tools for analyzing a digital asset, statistics and charts, as well as the ability to monitor IQN rate changes, work out strategies and share their ideas with like-minded people.

This event not only helped to build community confidence in IQN, but also demonstrated the potential of an asset to TradingView's multimillion audience.

Completion of the collaborative IQeon&EXMO drawing

IQeon and EXMO have summed up the results of the 900 IQN drawing. To receive an asset and cashback up to 70% of commissions when conducting transactions on the exchange, contestants had to register on EXMO platform via a referral link and enter their EXMO login in the contest card on among the first 500 users.

As a result of the drawing, the first 50 participants received 5 IQN to their gaming account, each of the next 100 users became the owner of 3 IQN, and 350 more contestants got 1 IQN to their gaming accounts.

New monthly competition on the platform!

IQeon team has launched a new competition for the best player of the month! The conditions are very simple: prize IQN will go to users who play as many winning matches as possible within four weeks. If two or more players win an equal number of battles, the gamer who scored the maximum points in a month will be rewarded.

The prizes will be distributed as follows: the winner will receive 10 bonus IQN, the silver medalist will gain 5 IQN, and the third-placed user will get 3 bonus IQN to their accounts! The results of the competition with the best players leaderboard will be published at the beginning of each month.

Rating of the best platform players

IQeon team summed up the gaming results of platform users for 2020: over the past 12 months, about 30 thousand matches were played. 

So, we presented the rating of the most active players. When forming the leaderboard, all winning battles fought in all platform games over the past year were taken into account.

PvP gaming platform changes:

  • the loading speed of games was optimized;
  • the data storage reliability was increased;
  • the adaptability of elements on game pages to different screen resolutions was enhanced;
  • the light and dark versions of the website were improved;
  • the bugs in the platform game module were fixed.

Why IQN assets come to accounts with a delay?

In a new issue of the "Frequently Asked Questions" section, where IQeon team answers the most popular questions about the gaming platform, transactions and much more, experts explained why IQN digital assets may be delayed to users' wallets.

How to cancel an unconfirmed BTC transaction?

It is known that bitcoin transactions are irreversible. However, there are situations when it is still possible to cancel the deal. In the January issue, IQeon experts told how and with what tools this can be done, and also shared ways to speed up BTC transfers.


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