IQportunity: EdTech

IQportunity: EdTech

IQeon Blockchain nature provides fantastic possibilities for online education courses. We have the capacities to provide the learners with frameworks containing audio and video content, interactive tasks, theoretical explanations as well as various kinds of tests to check the level of the learners’ knowledge.

The courses may include learning languages, driving school tests, and professional growth activities. Basically, the platform’s high scalability allows the adoption of literally any kind of courses.

IQeon cryptowallet is extensively used by the learners of such courses because all the payments and transactions are going through it. Users pay for the course in IQN, IQeon cryptocurrency. There is also the opportunity to get more assets, especially if you are performing well throughout the course. For high score shown, users receive IQeon domestic coins that are easily exchanged for IQN in your personal account.

At the same time, users may lose the money (IQeon domestic coins) if perform poorly. All the calculations are performed automatically and are written in the Blockchain, it means that the level of transparency of financial transactions is extremely high.

Please, get to know more about IQeon ecosystem, become our investors and partners. Follow our news and drop us a message if you are interested in further cooperation.



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