Ask me anything: IQeon will participate in AMA session from Crypto&Gamers!

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Friends, we are excited to announce the participation of IQeon in an open AMA session from the gaming portal Crypto&Gamers!

On Wednesday, February 5, in real-time CEO Vadim Dovguchits will answer questions about the project that are of interest among gaming enthusiasts.

We remind you that AMA session is an open online conversation in “Ask Me Anything” format. The start is at 12:00 GMT!

In order to participate, users must leave questions of interest in the comments from February 2 to 4 under the AMA session post-announcement in Crypto&Gamers Twitter community. And on February 5, we’ll select the most interesting and frequently asked questions, which Vadim Dovguchits will answer in real-time in Telegram community of our friends.

At the end of the interactive session, the full text of AMA session will be published on the official Crypto&Gamers website.

We are waiting for active participation and interesting questions! Join and ask about anything!


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