IQeon transparency report

IQeon transparency report

Final Bounty Distribution

Our team has successfully completed the third (final) part of the Bounty distribution. In total, 41610.5258 IQN were paid in this round and 262 transactions were made. Once again we want to thank all participants for their contribution and support - it is very important for us!

All, who for some reason did not manage to get their reward, got our support last week and received their IQN. A small amount of tokens is still present at the Bounty-wallet and it was decided to keep them until the period of Platform beta-testing for a separate bounty-activity. Most likely it will be a bug-bounty.

You can check the history of payments on Etherscan:


Spreading the IQN

We want to make the IQN token more accessible and even though some services (such as Trust Wallet and Ethos) are already supporting us - we still have a lot to do in this regard and we are not going to stop at any point. Our team sent requests to many new services and some of them require special repositories to be made.You can see them now at IQeon Github.

Check Iqeon GitHub:


Bonus fund distribution

We have also started our Bonus fund distribution and prepared a special gift for people who will soon join IQeon! Thanks to partnering with Ethos we were able to take part in the Airdrop program - 50 000 pre-registered Ethos users will receive a welcome-bonus in tokens, including IQN. We will post the exact date of the Airdrop soon on our social media channels.

You can always check the history of Bonus fund distributions on Etherscan:


Platform development

Not only we want to inform you about the bonuses and cryptocurrency adoption but also we would like to share some details about the current development state of our Platform.

We have fully implemented the App Catalog which automatically adds each new game connected through the IQeon API. All applications are displayed correctly and it’s very easy to search through the catalog, especially with filters set by the user.

Developers back office is also completely ready and includes the following features:

  • Adding and removing games
  • Access management
  • User authorization setting

The Players Account system is as well thoroughly worked out. Beyond the basic settings you can track your games statistics, personalize the profile and many other features are being actively added that will make the IQeon platform special.

Thus, we aim to attract as many developers as possible, thereby filling the Platform with a variety of games, while also not forgetting the user's convenience. In further releases of the reports, we will tell you more about everything in great detail, but for the time being, we thank you for being with us!


Yours faithfully,
IQeon Team



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