IQeon team presented Estonia at the “BlockchainUA” in Kyiv

IQeon – BlockchainUA

The Seventh International Conference “BlockchainUA” was held in Kyiv (Ukraine) on September 20. It was organized by “Distributed Lab” and dedicated to the application of blockchain technology in IT business and other spheres. 

More than 500 participants from more than 20 countries attended the conference. There were crypto enthusiasts, IT and blockchain experts, businessmen, investors and bankers. The speakers of the conference were representatives of innovative companies, such as, TransferGo and some other.  

IQeon team, represented by CEO of the project Vadim Dovguchits, CBDO Vitaliy Eremeychik and CLO Alexander Paramonov presented Estonia at “BlockchainUA”.

IQeon on BlockchainUA

Participants of the conference discussed a wide range of topics, from popular cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects’ investment trends to fundraising and cyber security.

More and more scammers appear with the increasing of blockchain popularity. Attackers’ interest is piqued by the fact, that the legislation of many countries hasn't figured out how to respond to cyber attacks. For example, stealing cryptocurrency in Ukraine is not considered a crime. IQeon is an international gaming platform, that’s why we need to take into account the legislation of each country, where our players come from. Our goal is to work in a proactive manner and do everything possible to keep our users’ assets safe”, shared his opinion Vitaliy Eremeychik after the conference.

Also, CBDO noted the excellent organization of the conference and openness of the Ukrainian blockchain community. 

Such conferences, as BlockchainUA” gets the possibility to hear the views of authorities and business about the latest trends in the sphere. For example, it was rather interesting to know the view of my colleagues about strengthening the legislation regulated cryptocurrencies in the USA. It will enter into force in early 2020. These changes will influence crypto businesses of different countries. Therefore we should take it into account to correct the strategy for the further development of our platform, told Alexander Paramonov.

IQeon representatives expanded the network of international contacts in Kyiv. Gordon Einstein, American lawyer who supports crypto communities, was one of the experts, with whom our team had a chance to meet in person. He was really interested in the scheme of monetization of players’ achievements that platform offers and gave several advice, how to release the gaming product to the US market. 

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