IQeon sums up the results of September

IQeon - results of September 2019

IQeon sums up the results of September. What important took place last month, read below.  

Accession to the Blockchain Game Alliance

In September, IQeon joined the Blockchain Game Alliance. This organization combines  companies that create products and tools for blockchain integration. Major market players Ubisoft and Fig are among the alliance’s members. Now, our company is a member too. 

Participation in gamedev and blockchain conferences

This month, IQeon’s CBDO Vitaliy Eremeychik was a speaker at the conference as part of the interactive exhibition of gaming industry “GameExpo” in Minsk (Belarus) with the presentation "Whether blockchain and game industry are compatible?". He told about the new monetization model, advantages of distributed ledger technology for users and developers. Also in September, IQeon team presented Estonia at the international conference “BlockchainUA” in Kyiv (Ukraine) dedicated to the application of blockchain technology in IT business and other spheres. 

Intellectual quiz for our partners 

Specially to the 5th anniversary of ABA Marketing Group Inc. we prepared an intellectual quiz dedicated to the history of the company and investment. The quiz was first presented at the International Meeting of Advisors of ABA Marketing, which was held in Antalya (Turkey) in September. The participant, who answered all the questions correctly, received a gift certificate of 500 IQN from IQeon company. 

IQeon’s interview for Tsinghua University

In September,an interview of IQeon CEO Vadim Dovguchits and CISO of the company Denys Havrylenko was published on the official page of the Cultural and Creative Finance Research Center at Tsinghua University on WeChat. It was on the development of the gaming platform, advantages of Ethereum and the future of blockchain technology.

Contest for the best player of the week

Well-known among platform users contest "Weekly Сhallenge" was held on the platform in September. Every Thursday we chose a game, where users could get 5 IQN to their gaming account when competing. Throughout September, there were the following games: "Jumpy Jelly", "Crashy Racing", "Ball Line" and "Survival Shooter"

The last game of September is "Sky Jump". The winner will be the player with the maximum points at the end of the week. The results will be published on our social networks on Friday.

“IQeon Giveaway” contest with the prize fund up to 450 IQN completed

“IQeon Giveaway” contest with the prize fund up to 450 IQN was held on and IQeon communities from August 1 to September 16. During its three stages, we familiarized participants with the possibilities of the gaming PvP platform and our communities on social media. Over 150 users took part in the contest. In the outcome of all the stages of “IQeon Giveaway”, 25 winners were selected by a randomizer and awarded.

PvP gaming platform changes: 

  • Run of the game chat, where authorized platform users can communicate;
  • New “In developing” section with games, which are planned to be added to the platform;
  • Simplified registration process on the platform;
  • Rating of the best players of the month;
  • “Download client” button to run energy-intensive games;
  • Sidebar with the last deposits on the platform;
  • Gameplay changes in the "Droppy Tower" game. 

A series of articles about IQeon team

We launched a series of interviews about people who develop and improve IQeon gaming platform. IQeon community has already met our lead web developer Yuriy Lipinsky and lead designer Siarhei Dzenisenka

We continue to work on the platform. Stay up to date with the main events of the project life  – follow news on the website and in the official Telegram-chat.



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