IQeon sums up the results of December

IQeon - results of December 2019

Adding IQN into cryptocurrency wallets

IQeon team continues to establish cooperation with various crypto wallets. In December, IQN was added to the popular multi-currency wallets imToken and Freewallet. Users can now store and exchange IQN as part of a multi-functional ecosystem of crypto-wallet applications.

We also remind you that IQN is supported by Trust Wallet, MetaMask, Atomic Wallet, and hardware wallet – Trezor.

White Paper Update

In December, there were updates introduced to the analytical sections 1.1 and 1.2 of White Paper on the development of the gaming industry market.

The team took the statistics of NewZoo and GameAnalytics for 2017-2019 into account. The review of the game market for the specified period and outlined global trends affecting the entire industry were updated.

Start of IQeon Christmas Giveaway Contest

From December 25 to January 15, together with the portal, the IQeon team will draw 500 IQN in IQeon Christmas Giveaway! In order to win, participants must complete certain tasks for the period of three weeks, and then 5 luckies chosen randomly will receive the cherished IQN.

IQeon application for FCAS 

IQeon has applied for FCAS evaluation from Flipside Crypto. FCAS is a comparative metric of the digital assets viability. FCAS provides not only strengthening the position in the ranking of promising crypto projects, but also deep analytics of project sustainability and helping interested users to make business decisions regarding further interaction with IQN digital asset.

Participation in open AMA session

On December 24, the company's CEO Vadim Dovguchits answered all questions of the CryptoHub community about the IQeon project in real time. It turned out to be a fun and informative session, and the authors of the most interesting and creative questions received 20 IQN as a prize!

Game PvP platform changes:

  • Optimization of the platform (enhanced user data protection, improvements of language versions of the site and semantic URLs for game pages);
  • Changes in the games module (improved full-screen mode, fixed bugs that occur when creating a separate room for a match);
  • Update of emojis available in chat;
  • Gameplay improvements in the Quiz (new questions in Russian and English);

Articles about IQeon team

We continue to get acquainted IQeon community with people who are improving the gaming platform of the project! In December, we introduced front-end developer Vadim Minkin and project manager Tatsiana Shalypina.

Competition for the best player of the week

The IQeon team continues to reward the most active players! During the month, users could receive 5 IQN to their gaming account while participating in Weekly Challenge contest. In December, players competed in Spin Tunnel, Starship, and Jumpy Jelly.

We remind you that the last game of December is Spin Breakout. The player with the max score will become a winner. The results will be published on our social media channels on the first Friday of January.


Stay tuned about the most important events in the life of the project - follow the news on the website and in the official Telegram chat.



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