IQeon is summing up the results of 2020!

IQeon – results of 2020

In 2020, the world faced a huge number of challenges – the coronavirus pandemic, international turmoils and a severe blow to the global economy. However, there were also a lot of good events. We have witnessed global changes in the media, entertainment and digital assets industries. These changes also affected IQeon project.

2020 has been an outstanding year for us! Inspirational collaborations, memorable contests, unusual development concepts despite all the difficulties – these were IQeon trends in the outgoing year.

Let’s recall how it was!

  • platform improvement 

Throughout 2020, our team has constantly been developing the platform. So, over these months, we have significantly improved its security, tested the code more than once, implemented an IP address verification mechanism to combat against multi-accounting and a procedure for partial user identification. With the support of Fractal, the German developer of customer identification solutions, we have strengthened the protection of website, and therefore the users' assets, eliminating the possibility of unfair manipulations.

To provide our community with a guaranteed reliable ecosystem, IQeon team has also developed a bot that helps clean Telegram chats from fake information spread by bots and artificial programs.

In addition to security, we have paid great attention to rewarding our users. Thus we created and optimized a section with tasks of the reward system. Now, for completing simple tasks, everyone can receive a bonus in the form of an IQN asset.


Bonus tasks on 

We don’t stop there and continue to work hard to optimize the platform, improve its multilingualism and design to make the user experience as pleasant as possible.

  • Contests and interactive activities 

The outgoing year was rich in bright and exciting contests. And we have begun to reward the most erudite and active users since January 2020.

Then in the IQeon Christmas Giveaway, which our team held together with the portal, 5 lucky contestants shared the prize pool – 500 IQN.

Later, more than eight thousand users competed for 1000 IQN in the large-scale IQeon Quiz Giveaway competition. Each of them had a chance to demonstrate their intellectual abilities by answering questions about history, literature, exact sciences, technology, cinema, games and the crypto sphere. However, only 10 users received rewards.

By carrying on the tradition of intellectual competitions, in April we launched IQeon Marathon with a prize pool of 900 IQN! Its participants had to answer interesting logical questions, solve math problems and riddles in the official IQeon communities during almost a month. Only the most persistent came to the finish line – they were rewarded with IQN.

A little later, users could test their knowledge in a new competition – Quiz Battle. The most erudite players who scored the most points in the Quiz game shared a prize pool of 200 IQN and expanded their intellectual horizons.

Of course, 2020 will be remembered not only for the battles of wits. In September, in addition to our users, we decided to reward their friends and give away 500 IQN! Only 10 lucky contestants out of 16 thousand participants from 65 countries became owners of 50 IQN.

Also, starting from summer, everyone could take part in a series of partner contests: the drawing of 525 IQN from IQeon and the Hong Kong exchange BitForex, the distribution of 900 IQN from our project and the EXMO trading platform, the Christmas Crypto Santa contest, in which, together with eGamers, CryptoGamingPool, TheCoinRepublic and CastleCrypto we gave away 510 IQN and limited collectible Founders Badge assets!

Our team tries to reward users not only through large-scale contests. So, IQeon social media subscribers can receive IQN for answering intellectual questions and helping community moderators.

Throughout the year, we also encouraged players with bonus IQN for winning in the Weekly Challenge contest, where the player with the highest score and record number of points in a certain game became the winner.

In 2021, we will offer many new exciting activities, where everyone can compete for bonus IQN!

  • Building and strengthening partnerships

In 2020, IQeon project has significantly expanded its influence in the infospace. We have teamed up with dynamic portals such as Crypto&Gamers, TheCoinRepublic and Castle Crypto. Thanks to new partnerships, their thousands-strong audiences will be able to learn more about the PvP platform, its functionality, the benefits it brings to gamers, and the potential of blockchain technology. And the international community of developers and fans of crypto games will be able to stay abreast of important platform updates and receive the latest news about the products developed by our team.

As we mentioned above, in order to provide the players of the PvP platform with a high level of protection, we implemented KYC/AML procedures. Our partnerFractal, the German developer of customer identification solutions, helped us in launching.

In April, IQeon introduced another powerful partner – Flipside Crypto, a cryptocurrency market research company that provides fundamental business analysis of blockchain projects. By integrating Flipside Crypto with IQeon repositories, the analyst team gave a comprehensive analysis of IQN, which is implemented into our gaming platform. The results are publicly available on

  • Participation in international conferences

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, our team still managed to participate in international conferences. So, in March, our CTO Yuriy Navadvorski became a speaker at the IT conference Career Today in Minsk. The expert spoke about the main trends and technologies of the outgoing 2020, and also drew attention to the possibilities of using blockchain in various fields, especially in online gaming. Yuriy also spoke about the demand for programmers with proficiency in the edgy technology and unveiled necessary knowledge to work with a distributed ledger.

A couple of months later, IQeon project was presented at one of the largest and most significant events in the blockchain industry – Consensus: Distributed conference, where our CISO Denys Havrylenko mingled with the company's partners and discussed prospects for further cooperation.

Also, throughout the year, the founder and CEO of IQeon project Vadim Dovguchits took part in AMA sessions, where he communicated with the audience in real time and answered the most topical questions of the crypto community members.

  • IQN digital asset

For the internal currency of our gaming platform, the outgoing year 2020 was very fruitful. So, back in January, the well-known company KnownSec presented a report on the comprehensive audit of IQN smart contract, which was carried out in the fourth quarter of 2019. According to it, no serious code vulnerabilities were found in the IQN smart contract.

Later, IQN was added to the mobile Blockfolio Signal app, which gave crypto community members an additional opportunity to follow the current IQN rate and its market analytics, as well as receive notifications about important project updates directly to their smartphones.

And the first news was great enough: in August, IQN paired with the USDT stablecoin was added to the listing of the BitForex exchange. Already in September, our users got even more advanced trading opportunities – the exchange opened other IQN pairs with BTC and ETH.

Very soon, a promising token was added to the listing of the British crypto trading platform EXMO, which opened access to exchange operations in pairs with EXM, USDT and BTC assets.

Before the New Year, users received a kind of a gift from the popular exchange HitBTC – one of the most progressive trading platforms added IQN/BTC, IQN/ETH, IQN/USDT pairs.

Joining forces with so many exchanges has become an impetus for the development of the IQN ecosystem, as well as opening up new opportunities for gaming platform.


Summing up the results of the outgoing year, we are proud to announce that 2020 has become extremely fruitful and successful for our team. The difficulties and challenges faced not only by the industry, but also by the whole world, triggered us to improve the product and adapt it to market requirements.

We are grateful to the IQeon community and partner companies for their support, which is incredibly important to us. We are confident that 2021 will bring even more significant achievements and the fulfillment of ambitious plans. With your help, IQeon ecosystem will become even stronger!

We congratulate everyone on the upcoming 2021 year! We wish you a dizzying success and all the best in the new year!




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