IQeon sums up the results of 2019!

IQeon results of 2019

For IQeon team, the outgoing 2019 was outstanding in many areas: the launch of an open beta test of the platform, the comprehensive transformation of the main product, entering new strategically important partnerships, and, among other things, the company's huge contribution to the development of e-sports. Together with IQeon, we suggest you recalling the brightest moments of 2019!

  • Launch of PvP Gaming Platform

Spring appeared to be a kind of a starting point for our team, because on March 26, 2019 platform entered the stage of open beta testing. The developers presented a wide range of games of various genres: from racing and shooters to strategies and smart quizzes. It was only the beginning - the game library of the platform continues to replenish even today!

  • PvP platform development

Throughout the year, our team was constantly improving. So, immediately after the beta version was launched, developers introduced changes to the registration form on the platform, added the possibility of authorization using an account on social networks.

Soon, the design was updated, platform security indicators were improved, new games were added to the catalog. Now there are 28 games on the platform, and 6 more will be launched in the near future! As the project went on, the team worked diligently to increase game performance, optimize the platform and improve user data encryption.

In autumn, there was a large-scale update of the platform, wherein new functionality was added: a platform chat, blocks with the latest deposits and the best players of a month, a tab with games that are under development, and much more. Before the New Year, IQeon decided to please its users with the new update - a short guide which helps players to delve into the capabilities of the product and get their first bonus IQN!

Now the IQeon project team is working to further improve the platform to make it as convenient and exciting as possible.

  • Rewarding the most active users

IQeon team keeps saying that the intellectual achievements of users should be encouraged. So we dedicated the large-scale intellectual Quiz, which was held in our communities on social networks in July-August. Throughout the week, we asked users questions on various topics: blockchain, cryptocurrencies, game development, and much more. We awarded the most intelligent participants with a 20 IQN prize!

In early August, the team launched the contest of a new format - IQeon Giveaway with a prize pool of 450 IQN! The competition was held in 3 stages, wherein participants had to complete tasks in order to receive bonus IQN.

The next contest has become even more ambitious! In October, IQeon together with CryptoGamingPool media portal, has drawn 600 IQN within GRAND GIVEAWAY MARATHON contest.

We continue to motivate and encourage our users: there is Weekly Challenge contest held on the gaming platform, in which a player with the highest score in a selected game wins. More victories – more IQN prize!

The project team also says goodbye to the outgoing year in a big way: together with portal, we are drawing 500 IQN within IQeon Christmas Giveaway! Until January 15, participants need to complete a series of simple tasks, and those who meet most of the conditions will receive cherished IQN to their wallets. Hurry up to participate!

  • Building and strengthening partnerships

In 2019, IQeon team met a great number of professional teams, some of which later became our partners. Among them are the educational project "Adukar", the international editorials and, as well as the crypto-gaming community CryptoGamingPool.

In the middle of the year, IQeon signed a membership agreement with European Fintech Alliance, which brings together financial companies interested in introducing innovations into economic processes. And in September, our team joined the ranks of the Blockchain Game Alliance, which included not only blockchain enthusiasts from all around the world, but also big players of the cryptocurrency market.

  • Participation in international conferences

We cannot fail to mention the participation of IQeon team in gaming and blockchain conferences. The beginning of the year was quite fruitful. In February 2019, the team took part in two conferences – Career Development Day, dedicated to working in IT sphere, and the largest event of the Cyprus blockchain community Nakamoto's Den Investment Blockchain Conference, where speakers discussed prospects of distributed ledger technology. 

In August, the project team spoke at the conference within GameExpo exhibition with the topic “Are blockchain and game industry compatible?”. Also in September, IQeon team represented Estonia at the international BlockchainUA conference reporting on the topic of innovative blockchain technology application in IT field.

In October, IQeon took part in the largest blockchain forum in Europe, Blockchain Life 2019, which was held in Moscow. Project representatives personally met company's current partners and leaders of the crypto industry, as well as established contacts with media portals and blockchain projects.

And in November, the top management of the project took part in the international conference The Capital, held by the largest crypto-rating service CoinMarketCap where IQeon team developed business relationships with co-thinkers and established effective cooperation with media portals.

  • Contribution to eSports

IQeon has been actively involved in promotion of e-sports and not for the first year it becomes the main sponsor of gaming tournaments. Thus, throughout 2019, our team contributed to the development of e-sports. So, we took an active part in supporting young players in the final of SchoolCup 2019 tournament in Dota 2 in April, and a little later in CS:GO in May. Teams from all over Belarus competed for the main prize – educational grant of the Institute of Business affiliated with BSU.

  • IQN Digital Asset

For 2019, the internal currency of the gaming platform has expanded its capabilities. The project team is constantly establishing cooperation with various platforms and crypto services. So at the beginning of the year IQN digital asset was added to the tracker application and trading terminal for the cryptocurrency markets BitUniverse. A little later, the currency was added to the catalog of one of the largest information resources CryptoCompare.

In order to make IQN digital asset more cross functional, we established cooperation with various crypto wallets. In October, IQN was added to Atomic Wallet application, and in December, the digital asset became available to users in imToken and Freewallet ecosystems. In addition, IQN is supported by Trust Wallet, MetaMask, and Trezor hardware wallets.

At the end of the year, IQeon team applied for getting FCAS evaluation from Flipside Crypto. So, thanks to FCAS, IQN digital asset will be analyzed from the perspective of its usefulness in the long term, the activity of its use, as well as the availability in the services for exchanging assets among themselves.

Obtaining this evaluation means not only to strengthen IQeon position in the ranking of promising crypto projects, but also to conduct a very thoughtful analysis of project sustainability and assistance with making business decisions regarding further interaction with IQN digital asset.


We continue to improve the platform: IQeon created an excellent product that is well-liked by users, united an excellent team of qualified professionals and continues to expand it. In addition, the community of users of our platform has significantly bolstered over the year, and this is positive proof that the product is in demand.

The work doesn’t end there. For 2020, IQeon sets an ambitious goal to reach new heights: more games, more partners, more products!

Dear users, we want to thank you for being with us during this year. You are our greatest motivation! And so we promise: the new 2020 will be full of enjoyable discoveries, acquaintances and events!

Now we continue to work on the product, so it is important for us to know what you expect from our platform. We are open to your suggestions and ideas! Write us on social networks, what would you like to see on the most.

And of course, Happy New Year, guys! 😉



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